Illinois Destroys Northwestern 47-14

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Illinois Destroys Northwestern 47-14

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The offense finally showed up Big Time in the last regular season game of the year as The Illini destroy Northwestern 47-14.

Amazingly, the offense was hitting on all cylinders today with Brandon Peters, Chase Brown and Isaiah Williams all having huge games.

The defense was great as usual .. Ryan Walters had them ready to play.

Outstanding way to end the regular season !!! Now Illinois will wait to see if they can slip into a Bowl Game thru the back door :D :D
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Re: Illinois Destroys Northwestern 47-14

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Have to say Bret did make this team competitive this year with basically returnees from 2020. There were a couple of games they could have and probably should have won. But 5-7 is a vast improvement especially with 2 major upsets of ranked teams. Hopefully next year will be even better. need a quarterback.