From Shaolin Temple to St. Louis

(Saint Louis, MO.) — Since January 2010 over 1,500 years of Kung-fu and Chan (zen) history has been brought to St. Louis directly from Shaolin Temple, China. In Fall of 2010 St. Louis returned to the Shaolin Temple.


In its first annual "Return to Shaolin Temple" study trip, the new St. Louis-based Kung-fu and Chan (zen) center Shaolin Chan City led a spiritual adventure of kung-fu training on a pilgrimage back to the original Shaolin Temple in northern China.

The once-in-a-lifetime trip was led by the center's founder & director, Le Fujun who was trained and educated in Shaolin Temple, China, and in 2009 received special permission from a senior monk at the temple to open a martial arts school in St. Louis. The trip led a spiritual journey back to the ancient temple, located nearby Dengfeng City in Henan Province, and to training in the original traditional Shaolin Kung-fu at the Shaolin Monastery Warrior Monks Reserve Force.


Shaolin Temple, China



The Warrior Monks Reserve Force is the reserve training base for the Shaolin Temple established in 1995 to provide Shaolin training to secular students outside of the monastery. There members of St. Louis' school Shaolin Chan City endured a rigorous schedule of training starting at 5:30am with a morning run up the mountains and a grueling hour of calisthenics, all before having breakfast. Following breakfast at only 7:00am, came seven more hours of training under the blazing sun with the trainers and warriors of Shaolin.

The training was breathtaking in not only the sense of physical demand but also in scenery, and the fact that members were experiencing the authentic martial arts training at the birthplace of kung-fu, the legendary Shaolin Temple.

At one point, Shaolin Chan City student Kevin Sears (pictured top right, alongside Le Fujun and monk Shi Deyang) appeared to space out while sitting inside the temple. Taking a deep breath, he remarked that he was just "taking it all in". After years of martial arts experience in the U.S., he finally found himself inside the original Shaolin Temple, a place that had existed only in oral tradition, movies, and dreams of many other western martial artists like him before. Now seated within the silent walls of the actual Shaolin Temple, the energy of over 1,500 years of history flowing through his veins... he sat. He was home. 


Shaolin Kungfu

Inside Shaolin Monastery Shaolin Tiger


It was an experience that won't soon be forgotten. In fact, the memory will be renewed each year as Shaolin Chan City organizes the trip annually for students and residents of the St. Louis area, or anyone interested in joining, to travel to the Shaolin Temple for study and training in Traditional Shaolin Kung-Fu.

Fortunately, for those who can't make such a long trip, Shaolin Temple training is available in Missouri thanks to master Le Fujun bringing the traditional methods back home, "From Shaolin Temple to Saint Louis".




For information on the study program at Shaolin Chan City, located nearby University of Missouri- St. Louis, or to join the next "Return to Shaolin Monastery" trip in 2011, please contact:


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Shaolin Chan City