Local Artist Completes a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Family Tree: The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season.

November 25, 2012

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Burton History Trees: the visual story of your favorite sports team or musical genre

Local artist completes a St. Louis Cardinals baseball family tree

St. Louis, MO– This holiday season give the perfect gift for that avid St. Louis Cardinals fan in your life: a St Louis Cardinals Burton History Tree. This Burton History Tree brings to life the complete history of the St. Louis Cardinals. From the earliest days as a new team, to the latest 2012 roster, and the entire history in between, this one of a kind piece of art captures the storied ball-club on a single print. Never before has a memento of this stature become available for RedBird Nation. 

The content of each Burton History Tree is uniquely arranged in chronological order and sized by significance. By combining names, images and sketches, Bruce Burton (the originator and artist) creates dramatic artwork that is the ideal conversation piece. In the case of the St. Louis Cardinals, player names and historical images form the foliage and the base/roots of the tree depicts elements, events, stories and places that are synonymous with the history of the team.

“The St. Louis Cardinals Burton History Tree came to fruition because our existing customer base demanded it,” said Burton.  “After the 2011 season, we heard from fans all over the country. We knew this was the right time and the most appropriate way to honor this terrific team. Once we spoke with the most passionate fans, as well as St. Louis area retailers, the project made complete sense.”

Burton History Trees have recently collaborated with the United Cardinal Bloggers.  Daniel Shoptaw, Founder of the UCB noted:  “I'm very glad that Burton History Trees are tackling the most historic franchise in the National League.  We in the UCB are honored to be able to help out in a small way on this incredible project.  This will be something that any Cardinal fan would be excited to see under their Christmas tree this holiday season"

Shoptaw commented.  The bloggers will help edit the tree and ensure accuracy.

A Burton History Tree is a one of a kind piece of art. The tree tells a story and history unfolds before your eyes. The concept is unprecedented. Everything you may have ever wanted to know about your favorite sports team or musical genre is pieced together through Burton’s critical thought, labor, patience and love for combining art with history.

Burton History Trees founder Eric Fine started the company to promote the artwork of his long-time mentor and friend, Bruce Burton. “I knew Bruce created this magical art, and I was bored with traditional sports pennants and posters,” Fine said. “I wanted to help take sports memorabilia to a new level, and I know Burton History Trees encompasses so much more, such as the political events, individuals, and memories that inspired the formation and evolution of the sports team. Bruce’s creativity brought sports teams, and later musical genres, to life like no other artist could.”

Bruce Burton started creating his artwork as a hobby in the early 1980’s. He first established the “Family Tree of British Rock” in 1979, and has since created almost twenty sports and music trees.  “I knew there was an opportunity to appeal to real fans (like myself) in this highly artistic way. The demand has been staggering.  We have been able to reach all sports and music fans, no matter where they reside.”

“The end goal is to be able to design a tree for any occasion,” Fine said. “If your son or daughter is graduating from college, we want to make a tree based on the university. If your boss loves the Boston Red Sox, we want to offer a tree for that avid population. These make perfect gifts, and framed, they complete an office wall, bedroom, basement, etc. A Burton History Tree is the ideal conversation starter.”

Currently available Burton History Trees include artwork based on the musical decades of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Specific genres include British Rock; American Rock; Blues; Heavy Metal and Country Music. Select sports teams are also available. Burton History Trees are available as lithograph prints in two (2) sizes available framed or unframed. 

For more information, or to purchase a Burton History Tree for your friends, family, coworkers or clients, please visit www.burtonhistorytrees.com. Stay in touch and receive updates on facebook at facebook.com/burtonhistorytrees. Any venue or retail shop interested in selling Burton History Trees can contact info@burtonhistorytrees.com.


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Editors:                For more information or to schedule an interview with Bruce Burton or Eric Fine, contact Eric Fine at 312-296-4646