“Tie One On For Safety" Event to be held New Year's Eve

Waterway Carwash and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are working together for the annual “Tie One On For Safety” Event, held every New Year’s Eve to remind people to drive safely while ringing in the New Year.

The Gateway Chapter of MADD volunteers will give out symbolic red window clings to drivers at the Creve Coeur Waterway location (10559 Old Olive St. Rd.) from noon to 2pm on New Year’s Eve. 

“Waterway aims to promote safe driving,” said Shaun Nordgaarden, Managing Partner for St. Louis.  “We are a proud supporter of MADD, a well-respected organization with a valuable message.”

All seven St. Louis Waterway locations will collect donations on behalf of MADD beginning December 22nd through December 31st

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