Missourians For Equality files for approval of petition

Missourians for Equality filed with the Secretary of State’s office November 7, requesting approval to circulate their petition, which seeks to add sexual orientation and gender identity to Missouri’s nondiscrimination policy.

The proposal also includes a clause to protect religious freedoms. The official measure states that it does not require any religious institution or any member of a religious institution to act in a way that violates their sincerely held religious beliefs.

 “Our goal is to end discrimination in such a way that ensures religious liberties are protected,” Executive Director Aaron Malin says.

If the Secretary of State and Attorney General approve the petition form, the Campaign will be allowed to gather signatures from registered Missouri voters. Once the campaign gathers enough signatures, then the proposal will be placed on the ballot in 2014 for Missouri voters to decide on.

The measure, if passed, will add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Missouri’s nondiscrimination policy, in addition to the clause protecting religious liberty.

Missourians for Equality is a political action committee formed with the intention of ending LGBT discrimination in Missouri resulting from a lack of coverage in the statewide nondiscrimination policy.

While the campaign has gained attention from state legislators of both parties, it strives to remain nonpartisan. “We wish to remain free from partisan debating and political agendas,” said Malin. “We will work with anyone who supports equality regardless of party affiliation. You support equality, we hope you’ll join our campaign.”

For more information on the campaign or to schedule an interview with Aaron Malin, contact Kelsey Smith at 660-234-4567 or Info@MOforEquality.org