Missouri State Representative Zachary Wyatt endorses Missourians for Equality

     Republican Missouri State Representative Zachary Wyatt (District 2) announced his endorsement of the Missourians for Equality PAC this week. The PAC wants to accomplish two goals in Missouri: passing a constitutional amendment legalizing same sex marriage and banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

            When the “Don’t Say Gay” bill was discussed in the Missouri Legislature, Wyatt came out against the bill and announced he is a gay man.  “As the nation’s only openly gay Republican Legislator, I want to be a leader within my party and beyond on marriage equality,” said Rep. Wyatt. 

            “We are thrilled that our first public endorsement came from a republican,” said Aaron Malin, President of Missourians for Equality. “It exemplifies the fact that this is not a partisan issue; it is a human rights issue. We hope people of all political persuasions will continue to set aside their partisan inclinations and work together to ensure that we can go to the weddings of our LGBT friends and family members in a few years.”

            The initiatives will be on the ballot for Missouri voters in November 2014 if the campaigns can gather enough signatures by May 2014. Approximately 200,000 signatures are needed for the nondiscrimination initiative, and around 350,000 are needed for the marriage equality amendment. However, the president of Missourians for Equality recognizes the uphill battle they face.

            “The campaign is thrilled to have Wyatt’s endorsement,” Malin said. “However, we realize that we will need to generate a lot more support over the next two years if we are going to succeed.”

            “Education will be key during this campaign,” said Wyatt. “I will be actively working with Missourians for Equality and colleagues from Jefferson City to make sure we have a lot of support.”

Visit the Missourians for Equality website (www.MOforEquality.org) for more information, and visit their Facebook page (www.facebook.com/MOforEquality) for up-to-date news on the campaign.

For more information on Missourians for Equality and Wyatt’s endorsement of the PAC please call Aaron Malin at (660) 234-4567, call Zachary Wyatt at (660) 988-5225 or email the organization at MOforEquality@gmail.com.