Independent Catholics Relocated to Historic Danforth Chapel

After spending the past year meeting in rented worship spaces, St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church is making the move its own worship space. In order to accommodate the substantial growth of the parish, the Board of Directors is excited to announce that St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church will be moving to the historic Danforth Chapel of Pilgrim Congregational United Church of Christ located at 826 Union Boulevard, St. Louis, MO. Masses will begin on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 5:30pm.

“We needed a space which could accommodate our growing parish and increased social justice outreach ministries,” commented Connie Butler – Board President. “We needed a space to call our own which would allow for continued growth.” The Board of Directors approached Rev. Dr. Allen Grothe, Senior Pastor of Pilgrim UCC, concerning the status of the adjacent Danforth Chapel. Learning the space was available and that Pilgrim UCC was interested in such collaboration, discussion began surrounding the use of the chapel.

In anticipation of St. Catherine's arrival, the Rev. Dr. Allen Grothe, Senior Pastor of Pilgrim, affirms, "Given our common commitment to the inclusiveness Jesus himself embodies, I consider it a joy and a privilege to share our building and our mission with our sisters and brothers from St. Catherine of Siena.” He continues, “We at Pilgrim believe people are created for communion, one with another and all with God, and this is yet another way in which to live out that belief along with St. Catherine. We look forward to exploring and discovering all the ways in which God would use us to support each other and to minister together, making of our shared space a center for ongoing outreach to this world which God so deeply loves."

With this move, St. Catherine is now open to a multitude of new options for the parish. To accommodate the substantial growth, the Church will now offer two masses each weekend, Saturday Evening Vigil and Sunday Morning. The liturgical schedule will also include monthly First Friday devotions, Lenten Stations of the Cross, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Novenas, weekly Sacrament of Reconciliation, bible study, adult religious formation, youth programs and increased social justice outreach.  “This move is more than just a relocation of the parish community,” commented Fr. Phillip Lichtenwalter, Pastor of St. Catherine of Siena ANCC. “This is a journey into sharing our Christian faith and truly building community in collaboration with Pilgrim UCC and the neighboring churches.”  

Since its founding in 2010, St. Catherine of Siena ANCC has become a destination parish for people from all walks of life. Churchgoers include young and old, divorced and married/partnered, single and widow, gay and straight, Democrats and Republicans. Comprised mostly of former Roman Catholics, St. Catherine’s has proven itself as a truly viable and credible alternative for individuals seeking an option to the larger conservative institutional churches.   Fr. Lichtenwalter stressed, “We want to show people that you can be both modern and inclusive while maintaining the cherished Traditions and Rituals of our Catholic faith.”

“We encourage any Catholic who is struggling with their faith, those who have given up on the Church, and those who have been excluded for one reason or another, to come and experience St. Catherine of Siena ANCC,” commented Connie Butler. “Our vibrant community welcomes with open arms all who seek a credible authentic expression of their Catholic faith!”

St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church is an inclusive Catholic community dedicated to creating an open and welcoming church. We believe that all people, regardless of who they are or what paths their lives have taken, are welcome into the fullness of our Catholic faith. As a community that maintains valid Sacraments and the many cherished Traditions of the universal Catholic Church, we are a community that believes in faith in action, and strive to reach out to all our brothers and sisters.

St. Catherine of Siena American National Catholic Church worships in the Danforth Chapel located at 826 Union Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63116 with Mass on Saturdays at 5:30 pm and Sundays at 9:00 am.

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