March Against Monsanto and be a part of the change

On May 25th, 2013 at 1pm there will be a protest march and rally near the World Headquarters of Monsanto in St. Louis, Missouri. This is but one local march that will take place along with 232 other marches worldwide. On May 25th, the world will march against Monsanto Company where ever they are located worldwide. We are marching to protest genetically modified foods (GMOs) and the existence of Monsanto in the US as well as we march in support of a nationwide GMO labeling law. Currently there are over 600 people locally that have RSVP with the event.

If you want to be apart of this grassroots movement you may RSVP online at:

The event is being head up by the world headquarters for the MAM events as well as a local freelance Journalist from the Houston, Missouri area.

All participants are encouraged to meet at Stacy Park for parking and organization. The march will take place down parts of N. Warson and Olivette Dr. The rally is planned for Stacy Park but could change due to things beyond our control, any changes will be announced at the event. This is approximately 1.5 miles. Participants are also encouraged to make t-shirts, signs and banners to use at the march and rally.