The Product- BRIDGETTM -  Is Designed for Bridge Players Young and Old

Less than one year ago two St. Louis natives sat down over a glass of wine and decided to launch a product line aimed at the average, social bridge player.  Recognizing a need in the marketplace, the duo and a partner from California, designed a collection of stylish Bridge supplies, called BridgetTM, creatively packaged for easy gift giving. 

Among Bridget’s signature products are its reusable tallies that come with self-adhesive score pads, allowing for multiple uses as opposed to the traditional throw-away tallies. Offered as gift sets and for individual sale, all of Bridget items are made in the USA, coordinate well together and serve as a wonderful gift, particularly with Mother’s Day fast approaching.  

According to long-time bridge player, Gail Brooks, “I have been playing bridge for almost 40 years and thought what a great opportunity for us to develop classy, durable and player-tested products for those like me who love to play bridge.  I began playing bridge in college and continue to do so in my twilight years because it keeps me active, promotes mental stimulation and was one of the main ways I was able to make new acquaintances when I moved to a new community.”  Brooks lives in California and plays Bridge 2 to 3 times each week.  Also a partner in the company, Brooks helped launched the product line with one of her daughters who continually found it difficult to find stylish Bridge supplies to purchase for her mother.

BRIDGETTM products hit the market online at in March 2010 just in time for Mother’s Day gift giving.  Bridget’s one-of-a-kind party and gift sets include everything needed to host a bridge party at home or at a club.  Included in each set is 100% plastic playing cards, reusable bridge tallies and self-adhesive individual score pads, game score pads, party invitations and pencils.  Each set is uniquely packaged for easy gift giving.  All items are available for individual sale online.

According to Jan Carpenter, partner in Bridget, “Bridge is crossing generational barriers with more and more younger couples, college students and teenagers taking the game on as sport.  In our initial research we learned of several Facebook groups dedicated to discussions about Bridge and learned that they teach Bridge in public schools in Europe.”

Bridge will also have its place in public schools in the United States if Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have anything to say about it.  The two richest men in the world recognize the benefits of playing bridge and have invested more than $1 million to finance a Bridge program in schools, believing that young people should be introduced to the multi-faceted education embedded in a simple deck of 52 cards.

“We feel like we are filling a niche in the marketplace and have found an even greater love for a card game that has stood the test of time,” added Carpenter.

BRIDGETTM was formed in 2009 by Gail Brooks, Jan Carpenter and Laura Reed.  Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., with a satellite office in La Quinta, Ca., BridgetTM offers quality products for the social Bridge player.  For more information, please visit or call (877) 497-3298.





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