Wines To Watch For In 2013

Last year, for the first time, Mount Pleasant Estates harvested their grapes early, and now wine lovers are reaping the benefits. Mount Pleasant Estates, located in the rolling hills of the Augusta Appellation, kicked off the season by harvesting the Rayon D’Or grapes in early August 2012. Generally, the harvest season begins in mid-late August, but due to Missouri’s extreme dry conditions, the grapes were ripe for picking.


Thanks to the 2012 harvest, Mount Pleasant Estates will release select wines including a new red wine in the Estates line, an unoaked Chambourcin. Lighter in style and dryer in taste, this wine will replace Mount Pleasant Estates Claret and will be available in late summer. The new product is packed with great fruit tones of cherries while being softer on the palate. A great everyday wine, it goes well with pork and lighter meats.


Other wines to watch for, thanks to the 2012 harvest, include a superb selection of white wines such as the Estates Villagio, Estates Chardonnay, Estates Chardonnel and Estates Vignoles. Mount Pleasant will also release the red wine, Estates St. Vincent.


“Early harvest is good for all wine lovers, as the grapes have higher sugar content and more concentrated flavor,” said Mount Pleasant President Chuck Dressel. “The 2012 season was an ideal grape-growing season across the board, but especially here in Missouri. Due to last year’s extended spring, warm summer days and cool summer nights, Missouri saw one of its best growing seasons and now, we can’t wait to taste fruit of our labor!”  


Mount Pleasant wines will be available to purchase in local grocery stores, online at, and at Mount Pleasant Estates winery.


Mount Pleasant Estates, founded in 1859, is located a short distance from St. Louis in Augusta, Missouri, the first government-appointed wine-growing district in the United States.  The pioneer in sustainable viticulture for the Missouri wine industry, Mount Pleasant grows 12 grape varieties on 85 acres and its original limestone cellars are still used to age estate-bottled wines and international award-winning Augusta Ports. The winery features a café, where visitors can enjoy casual cuisine and award-wining wines in a serene atmosphere, with spectacular views of the Missouri River Valley. Open daily from 12 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., and 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. April through October. Call 636-482-WINE for reservations and more information.