South Carondelet Named Best St. Louis Neighborhood To Live In

Alive Magazine names South Carondelet one of the "25 Best St. Louis Neighborhoods to Live in Right Now". This historic neighborhood is primarily developed and restored into St. Louis, MO apartments and commercial spaces for lease by developer Steins Broadway.

St. Louis, MO – South Carondelet, a historic St. Louis neighborhood in South City, is named by Alive Magazine as one of the “25 Best St. Louis Neighborhoods to Live in Right Now”. Developer Steins Broadway’s modern renovations of South Carondelet’s historic buildings into commercial spaces and lofts for rent in St. Louis, are the reason why, “Development is the word in this transitioning community.”

Alive Magazine based their list of neighborhoods on six criteria: affordability, amenities, green space, noise, walkability, and cultural attraction. The South Carondelet area scored high in affordability, amenities, walkability and mid-range in green space, noise, and cultural attraction.

“With help from places like Hammer and Hand Imports, The Ivory Theatre and a new music venue called Halfway Haus (among others), the area is host to a bevy of art shows and design speakeasies,” reads the article in Alive announcing the list.

The article also highlights the new lofts for rent in St. Louis’ South Carondelet neighborhood that are opening soon in Steins Broadway’s new development, The Temtor. Formally a Coca-Cola syrup factory, The Temtor is being renovated into seventy-seven loft apartments and there are still thousands of square feet of commercial space for lease remaining after Perennial Artisan Ales leased over 10,000 square feet.

“We are happy that South Carondelet made the list! We’ve spent a lot of time developing the South Carondelet neighborhood because of the rich history, stunning architecture and wonderful neighborhood feel to the area. We look forward to seeing the neighborhood grow and expect to have more new retail businesses and restaurants open in the area. It’s really great to see this historic St. Louis neighborhood enjoyed again,” says Steins Broadway owner, Benjamin Simms.

“Not only will we have several lofts for rent in the area soon, but the city is very excited for St. Louis’ newest craft brewery, Perennial Artisan Ales, to open its brewery and beer garden in The Temtor this Summer as well,” Simms says.

For more information on the “25 Best St. Louis Neighborhoods to Live in Right Now”, please see Alive Magazine March 2011 Issue.

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About Steins Broadway:

Developing the South Carondelet St. Louis area, Steins Broadway is dedicated to providing their commercial and residential tenants a modern city space at affordable pricing. With their extensive renovations of several historical buildings in the South Carondelet area, Steins Broadway is committed to reviving this St. Louis community. For more information on renting a Steins Broadway property, please visit