ApexNetwork Physical Therapy Employee, Mike Sledd, MPT, CMPT Continues Education

Mike Sledd recently attended the SMT-1 of the Spinal Manipulation Institute in Louisville, KY.  The objective of this course was to learn and practice manipulation of the spine including cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and SIJ techniques.  Mike stated that he frequently treats a lot of patients in the Frontenac clinic with headaches and neck pain and this course along with his previous certification in Manual Therapy will help his patients with these conditions recover more effectively.  Mike said he would highly recommend this class because it was very hands-on!  He provided an in-service for some Apex staff and taught the manipulation technique for the C-T junction.  In attendance were Chris Taylor, PT, Benedicte Hanquet, MPT, Laura Gherhramani, PT, Jeff Swank, PT, and Emily May DPT.


Mike will incorporate this knowledge into his work at ApexNetwork Physical Therapy.  If you have any questions or feel that you would benefit from seeing one of our physical therapists please contact ApexNetwork Physical Therapy at 314-442-6249 or go online at apexnetworkpt.com to find a location nearest you.

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