Local Business Leaders Invited to Mind-Blowing, Game-Changing Creative Summit


St. Louis, MO - February 20, 2012 - Symphonia 2012 is an incredible two-day learning, thinking, and discovery experience dedicated to business innovation, strategy, and creative thinking.  Unlike a typical motivational seminar, Symphonia offers customized strategic thinking experiences created to unlock the creative potential of each individual and to help companies implement new, game-changing ideas.  In other words, this is NOT your Grandpa’s business workshop.

Led by brothers Ed and Dave Goodman, whose past creative credits include entities such as The Walt Disney Company, Hewlett Packard, ABC, ESPN, MGM Grand, Pixar and many more, each session will also feature special guests who have made a significant and direct impact using creative thinking and content based strategies.  One featured guest is St. Louis’ own Bill Donius, former Chairman & CEO of Pulaski Bank and author of the forthcoming book Thought Revolution: How To Unlock Your Inner Genius. “We're creatively starved in our society at just the time when we need to tap into our creative intuition, helping us navigate a more complicated global economy,” says Donius. “Attend and get nourished!"

Ed Goodman, Chief Experience Officer with Spiral Experiences and Symphonia explains, “Every business wishes for highly engaged employees and high performance collaborative teams.  Symphonia provides the tools and methods to reach those goals in an experiential way that is inspirational and personalized.  Organizations can begin to implement the newly found discoveries immediately!”

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all industries are invited to explore the innovation and creativity lessons of some of the world’s most inventive companies and to discover new creative processes that generate game-changing ideas and strategies.  Individuals and small teams can join this elite group of business leaders interested in developing and learning more about leadership, innovation, and how to prepare their organizations for the future of business.

“In this ever changing business environment, the value of intellectual property, ideas and creative thinking has never been more important. It’s not about sitting in a room, trying hard to ‘think out of the box’. Today’s business leaders need employees who can generate all kinds of new concepts quickly and effectively, often while facing restraints… time, staffing, budgets, etc. Instead, we help companies to ‘Build a Better Box’, to re-imagine a new future built upon their core values, and to find a profound sense of purpose congruent with the changing business climate,” Dave Goodman, co-creator of Symphonia. 

The events in St. Louis are scheduled for April 10-11 and April 12-13, 2012.  To register and to take advantage of special offers and incentives visit www.symphoniaexperiences.com.  Symphonia events will be held at intimate, experiential venues. Registration is limited to 100 people per event, and reservations are filling fast.

For more information contact Kristen Goodman at 314-749-1983, kristengoodman@ymail.com.