The 360 Agent Online Video Training Series Is Now Available - A Dynamic Online Solution to Help Struggling Insurance Agencies

Chesterfield, MO, February 5, 2013 -- The 360 Agent, LLC, today announced that The 360 Agent online video training series is now available at  The insurance industry is experiencing significant and ongoing change and is being buffeted by challenging regulatory, political, and economic winds.  For insurance agencies suffering through these times, there is now an online, video based, educational solution to help them.  The 360 Agent online video training system, a 5-part online educational course to help agency owners with some of the most prominent challenges they currently face in 2013.

In this 5-part online course, insurance agency owners will learn best practices from the top agents in the country.  They will learn how to create a systematic workflow and increase agency production and retention.  The 360 Agent provides a 360 degree view of the agency through assessment, planning and accountability.  It enables the agency owner to achieve more income while having more free time.  

The online course has 5 time-released video modules that educate and coach each agency owner on the following topics:

Developing a true identity and vision.
Creating a high level road map.
Building a high powered and efficient team.
Training successful sales and service personnel.
Overall execution, accountability and measure.

“The challenge that most agency owners face is that there is growing competition for the same customers.  Unfortunately, many of these owners are not experts in the business areas that will make them successful over time.  I understand where they are at because I was in the same challenging position, but with the tools and tips I teach in The 360 Agent, I turned my agency around in 11 months and business has consistently grown 40% in the past 2 years,” says Sean Sortor, creator and founder of The 360 Agent.

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The 360 Agent is a 5 part online video training series that will help insurance agency owners be successful.  The course was built on the best practices of the top agents in the country and teaches how to create a systematic workflow that will increase production and retention which enables more income while having more free time.  For more information go to The 360 Agent website.

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