Digital Preservation Awarded Missouri’s Digital Imaging Contract

Press Release                                                                                    January 2010

                                Digital Preservation Awarded Missouri’s Digital
                                                    Imaging Contract

     Digital Preservation, Chesterfield, Missouri has been awarded the State of Missouri’s digital imaging contract for 2010, with three additional option years. Robert W. Lyner, owner/ founder, said he is pleased to have this opportunity once again. “It is due to our consistent high quality, unique on site digitization service and experience handling fragile source material, that has allowed us to work with the Missouri State Archives for the last eight years.”
     Digital Preservation was established, in 1999, to digitize historic documents, maps and special collection materials, for libraries, museums, archives and universities. Clients include the Missouri State Archives, Saint Louis Public Library, Washington University, Atlanta History Center, U.S. National Park Service and Missouri Historical Society.
     The company specializes in digitizing unique material, including illuminated manuscripts, maps, original art, architectural renderings, mosaics, land plats, bound volumes, coins, glass plate negatives and dimensional artifacts. The digital files are utilized to improve access, preserve information, output archival prints, exhibits, publications, insurance and web use.
    Also, Digital Preservation provides exhibit design services, archival printing for exhibits and digital retrieval of fading handwritten information.

Contact:  Robert W. Lyner
Address: 2001 Mulberry Hill Lane
              Chesterfield, MO 63005
Phone:    314 378 8054

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