Rasoi Restaurant in the CWE Goes All-Vegetarian Every Monday


SAINT LOUIS, Missouri, January 30, 2013 -- On Monday, January 21, Central West End Indian restaurant Rasoi launched a new Meatless Monday menu. Every Monday, the entire restaurant is now serving only the freshest fruits, vegetables, grains and lentils, with no meat-based menu items. While several restaurants in Saint Louis offer Meatless Monday specials, Rasoi is the first in the area to go completely vegetarian every Monday.


The Meatless Mondays movement, which encourages people to skip meat-based meals one day each week, has gained global support since it was launched in 2003. According to, research has found that simply reducing the meat in our diets can reduce the risk of many preventable conditions including heart disease, obesity, and cancer. Furthermore, compared to plant-based proteins, the production of meat-based proteins requires much more water and fossil fuels. This means that eating less meat can have a significant environmental impact.


Vegetarianism has had a strong role in Indian cuisine for thousands of years, and Rasoi’s new Meatless Monday menu reflects the variety and flavor of these traditions. Drawing on South Indian cuisine, the Meatless Monday dinner menu features dosas, sampler platters, and streetcart-inspired snacks. More than half of the items on the menu are vegan, containing no animal products at all. For more information, including the full dinner menu, go to:


Rasoi is a locally owned and operated restaurant serving North and South Indian cuisine. Our chefs have trained in some of the finest cooking schools and restaurants around the world. From our first Indian restaurant in Manchester, Missouri, to our current location in the Central West End, Rasoi has been bringing the flavors of India to patrons in the Saint Louis area for over 10 years. We are excited to support the health- and eco-conscious choices of our patrons with our Meatless Monday program.




For further information, please contact:
Rasoi, 25 N. Euclid Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108
(314) 361-6911


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